Author Topic: What are we doing here?  (Read 4566 times)

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What are we doing here?
« on: April 02, 2011, 02:53:50 PM »
I post a lot of upcoming programs on the Phorum, and I usually have to jump from forum, to forum. Well, my brain ain\'t what she used to be, and thankfully the powers that be, lets call him Kronalias, has taken pity and designated a forum especially for people to flag programs.

This space is also for reviews of programs we\'ve heard, either ones that were already flagged, or others that you may have come across that you think others might enjoy, or maybe, should avoid like the plague.

There have been requests from posters that we have one place for program discussions that will stay on topic, so this is it.

Anyone who ever posted on the R4 board is probably aware of Anna. Nobody, especially me, wants that level of interference anywhere on this board. We\'re not too fond of rules \'round here. The ones we do have are pretty simple, and everyone seems to respect them.

A gentle nudge is usually enough to bring things back to the topic at hand. But, if you do start drifting, and you like where it\'s headed, just start a new topic in one of the other, more flexible forums, and keep it on goin\'!

There\'s room for everybody here. :)
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