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Just for Ivor: Normal(?) service may(?) have been resumed for your weather forecast.

Apols to everyone else as I've lost plot on how to send PMs to people!

Cheers, K

PS Still missing Jan. The world needs more like her.


Thanks K. Obviously, at 20:14, the picture is rather black. Hopefully, this will be cured after 08:00 tomorrow. The main thing is that the weather forecast is there.

Like you, I have forgotten how to PM; absence make the brain grow slower.

I still think "I must tell Jan about That". Then I remember.

Are you still in Tresaith? Or was the house move more drastic?


Tresaith became very holidaymakerish, with over half the properties second homes. We were rattling in our place and, when you walk into your local pub and don't know anyone, it's time to move on!

We bought a new bungalow in a village about six miles down the road - it's not a holiday destination, and we know loads of people there. Suits us!

Good to hear from you - hope all's well, K

The reason that I asked was that last night the site still said that it was 'Raspberry Pi @ Tresaith'. Now it has Metamorphosed to 'Raspberry Pi @ Penparc'. Now off to Google Maps.

I hope that all is well.


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