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Adam Fitzgerald - The Shepherd's Hut 1/10
« on: July 13, 2018, 01:17:05 PM »
Radio 4
Book at Bedtime

This one's really TOPS! Pity to miss out. It streams like a meditation. Best heard undisturbed to be relished. Read adapted and written perfectly. (animal lovers skip the goat scene ... episode 6?)
19 days left to listen

The Day the Old Life Ended
Book at Bedtime, The Shepherd's Hut Episode 1 of 10

Adam Fitzgerald reads the new novel by the acclaimed author Tim Winton. Set in Western Australia, this is a heartwrenchingly brutal and yet lyrical tale of survival in the outback featuring the irrepressible Jaxie Clackton. Still in his teens, damaged, sullen and angry, Jaxie's life has always been harsh. He's grown up in a world of knives and guns, hunters and drinkers. But things are about to change for Jaxie. But then, you must always be careful what you wish for...

Writer: Tim Winton is Australia's most acclaimed contemporary novelist. He has won the Miles Franklin Award four times. His books include: Shallows, Riders, Cloudstreet and Breath.
Abridger: Richard Hamilton
Reader: Adam Fitzgerald
Producer: Justine Willett.
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