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Hellooooo......are you there?

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Am I alone in being frustrated by fora such as this one, in the way that people can be interactive, funny, annoying, informative, etc., sometimes on a daily basis, and maybe for a number of years, and then……………………….they’re gone.…………………....with no word of farewell, nothing.

And I’m not just talking about hero members like Matamore (with over 4000 posts), who hasn’t been active for over two years. We also have an administrator, my old sparring partner Truthyness, who hasn’t been active for over four months, but who previously, according to the stats has posted an average of 2.4 posts PER DAY for nine years plus.

I know that in some cases, people will succumb to ill health or accidents, which may prevent them from informing other forum users of their non-participation, but that can’t be the case for all of ‘the disappeared’.

I’m not expecting any illuminating answers here, and guess I’ll just go on wondering what happened to old wossname and whether thingy is still alive and kicking.

I'm here!  Not too often, anymore, as I have a steaming pile of life going on right now...and for a long while now....but I AM here. :)

I know Tru has been having health issues, poor thing. We commiserate on FB occasionally.

How are you? :D

Hi Jan, I'm sorry that your 'hot' life is keeping you busier than you may have liked.

I'm fine, but as I said, disappointed that so many characters from this saga of Beebotron have disappeared without any explanation. 

Give my best to Truthy, and Lady P (and anyone else) with whom you might communicate away from here.


Echooooooooe echoooooooe echoooooooe
No this isn't!

hello Jan and Ironeyes,
I too have had steaming piles of the same as Jan's described. Only I think health-wise she may have beaten me in terms of quantity!

How are  you both, how are you listening ... if you are listening. Love to share the occasional nugget you come across.

In Brussels, global-warming has peaked. We're expecting 27° this afternoon! But in the city centre it's a pit and humid and polluted.

I have recently found refuge on a tiny organic farm in the heart of the Atlas and consequently am taking to going every month. It is, as so many have mentioned to me over the past 50 years, the IDEAL climate.

Other than that ... have been initiated to SPOTIFY which fills the BBC void satisfactorily.

Hope temperatures are not too brutal in Cali right now.
And what of Down-under IE, any trips there in the offing?

Dear Rick, sorry if I've been absent but life took over good 'n proper I'm afraid.
The little bunnies(kids), are they flourishing in the exquisite neck of the woods you inhabit?

Thanks for keeping us afloat.

Cheers to all,

Glad you're well, IE. Yeah, I miss the hustle and bustle as well. :(  Hard to get into it when there isn't much radio worth talking about. :( 

Hey, Miss Thang! Sounds like you're soldiering on. Atlas? Like in the mountain range?  Oooooh, that sounds pretty awesome. :) Glad you'r finding some respite.

As for here, we've actually been far. Only one day over 100F so far...but the flesh melting heat is coming. Nature of the beast, I'm afraid.

Not listening to anything in particular. Sort of into the Death in Ice Valley podcast, which is kind of intriguing, but not really your cuppa, I would guess. I'm on Spotify, too. Are you using your own name? If so, I'll see if I can find you and follow you like a stalker. :P

Just discovered BBC is on there, the other day, but having dug into it yet.

You listening to anything interesting? That's for either of you, by the way....or anyone else out there. ;)


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