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It's the Go On Show


Once again the Goons are up-to-date! Today, while describing the Blizzard of Pevensey Bay, they said that

" ... the snow rose from inches 3 to inches 3 Feet 4".

For the benefit of our American friends, we are getting the winds from Siberia and thence snow - an unheard of occurrence in Britain.

Yesterday, I got the last bag of Hot Cross Buns Lord Sainsbury's emporium since there is a shortage of raisins and sultanas from California after last years fires destroyed all the vines.

Haha, well done Ivor.

I was listening to it yesterday and wondering if anybody else was marvelling at the impeccable timing of the BBC's schedule!

Huh - 2 mill of snow is enough for our railways to grind to a halt!


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