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For the latest information ...
« on: November 10, 2010, 07:43:22 PM »
... well there isn\'t really a page that does this.

I\'m really sorry about this. You\'d think that a site that\'s been going for as long as the Beebotron has would provide that info - but there y\'go, it doesn\'t.

In the absence of said page, it\'s worth keeping in touch by checking on the most recent messages, as in please click the Recent Messages link on the North East (that\'s in the Northern hemisphere - might be different down under...) corner of this page.

You might like to get your feet wet and post a question or two. Trust me, it\'s a really friendly area and nobody will bite you!

Cheers, K

PS I\'ve just written this as I noticed there were a few people reading this Phorum, and there wasn\'t much in here to help them.

There still isn\'t, but at least there\'s now a friendly post!