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« on: July 11, 2015, 03:58:30 PM »
Heard twice this afternoon on Radio 3: the title of Arvo Part\'s work Lamentate, mispronounced as if it were an English verb rhyming with \'deprecate\'! No doubt* the programme was produced by an independent company, under the misconceived and ideologically-inspired marketisation of the BBC (and everything else in the whole goddamned universe), and there was no BBC pronunciation authority (presumably the BBC still has pronunciation authorities) on hand to correct the error or answer the question that should have been asked. Presumably also the cash-starved BBC lacks the resources to listen to every minute of every programme that goes out under their name (as they used to have to do with Kenny Everett). But still, shouldn\'t the guy presenting the programme have thought, \"Hang on, I\'ve heard of \'lamentations\', but I\'ve never heard anyone use a verb \'to lamentate\', and there\'s already a verb \'to lament\', so what\'s going on here? Where\'s the dictionary? Oh hang it, I\'ll just Google.\" But he didn\'t even bloody Google! He needs a good clip round the earhole from a Roman centurion played by John Cleese.

*No, they don\'t even have that excuse:

The programme was produced in Salford by Paul Frankl.

Someone else who needs his ear flicked!