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Useful Radio Programme Links
« on: January 02, 2009, 04:19:46 PM »
Paul Wells\' site of \"episode guides, listings, and details for almost all the speech based BBC radio programmes (or programs if you like) from 1997 onwards, with a substantial amount of programmes before that year, and a small smattering of non BBC programmes\" (including a piccie of him flying a helo - looks like a Robinson R22 to me) is HERE

Paul\'s is probably the definitive site for BBC listings.
As an example, just click the following to see what\'s been on for the Radio 4 Afternoon Play. Absolutely brilliant site, even if he won\'t tell me what chopper he was flying.
Radio 4 Afternoon Play

Andrew Slater\'s Printable Radio Listings (updated overnight Friday/Saturday) are HERE.
Andrew also provides a rather nice weekly listing in the form of a blog (high quality links only) HERE.

Andrew Dancy\'s iPlayerConverter is a good alternative if the Beebotron is unavailable ;)   It\'s HERE.

The Radio Times is HERE.

Radio 2 Listings - Last Week
Radio 2 Listings - This Week
Radio 2 Listings - Next Week

Radio 3 Listings - Last Week
Radio 3 Listings - This Week
Radio 3 Listings - Next Week

Radio 4 Listings - Last Week
Radio 4 Listings - This Week
Radio 4 Listings - This Week

Radio 7 Listings - Last Week
Radio 7 Listings - This Week
Radio 7 Listings - Next Week

Peter Anthony Edwards\' brilliant BBC7 listings site is no longer available, as he\'s too busy to support his site currently. He\'s asked me to remove the link to his site, and I\'ve done that in respect of his wishes ... but with a very bad haiku...

Pete\'s excellent site,
Has regrettably moved on.
It may reappear.

Thanks filinag and IvorThirst for helping me put these together!

Feel free to add to this topic with any useful links that you may have.

If it\'s a permanent link then let me know when you post and I\'ll edit this top-level message.
If it\'s just a one-off programme that you want to let people know about, then I\'ll leave your post up until the programme has expired, and then delete it.

Anyone else have anything to add?