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Really sorry for the lateness, i don\'t know where the week went. I will try and do better in future

Radio 4

Ox Travels here
Mon to Fri at 09:45, repeated next morning at 00:30 (Book of the Week)
Ox Travels features original stories from twenty-five top travel writers; this week we\'ll be featuring five of these stories.
Each of the stories takes as its theme a meeting life-changing, affecting, amusing by turn and together they transport readers into a brilliant, vivid atlas of encounters.
The Return of the Native by Nicholas Shakespeare read by Nicholas Murchie
In which Nicholas Shakespeare tells the story of his Brazilian brother in law\'s journey to Africa to confront, for the first time, the shocking facts of his family\'s roots in slavery.
Madam Say Go by Sonia Faleiro read by Seeta Indrani
Sonia Faleiro describes a meeting with a young woman returning home to India after a life in domestic servitude in Abu Dhabi, and investigates the terrible conditions suffered by many foreign workers in the Gulf.
The Piece of String by Shehan Karunatilaka read by Bhasker Patel
Shehan Karunatilaka climbs up the staircase at Adam\'s Peak in Sri Lanka in search of a man who dispenses a length of string for the wrist to help bring fortune and ward off calamity.
The Man Who Laughed in a Tomb by Anthony Sattin read by Nigel Cooke
Anthony Sattin tells the story of Abdu who lives in a graveyard in Cairo, where the attitude towards death and the dead is altogether more relaxed and familial than it is in Britain.
The Wrestler by Rory Stewart read by Jamie Glover
Rory Stewart tells the story of the Turquoise Mountain project which he launched with local people to regenerate a poverty-stricken district in Kabul.

The Forgotten Waltz by Anne Enright  read by Niamh Cusack here
Episodes 6 to 8 of 8
Mon to Wed at 22:45 (Book at Bedtime)
\'The amazing thing is how much I got in that first glance: how much, in retrospect, I should have known. It is all there: the twitch of interest in Sean, the whole business with Evie; I remember this very clearly, as I remember the neat and indomitable politeness of his wife.\'
In a snow blanketed Dublin, Gina reflects on the last decade, from the moment she first caught a glimpse of Sean Vallely, through a haze of cigarette smoke, through the happenstance and lust, the hotel rooms and the secrets, that have brought down two marriages, three mortgages and left her a reluctant inhabitant of her childhood home. Startling, honest, witty and wry, Enright\'s novel captures the nuances and the bliss of an overwhelming attraction that becomes an affair and charts the gradual encroachment of reality,damage and a love that can\'t be overstated.

Please Look After Mother by Kyung-Sook Shin  read by Sian Thomas here
Episodes 1 to 2 of 7
Thu to Fri at 22:45 (Book at Bedtime)
\'It\'s been one week since Mother went missing.
The family is gathered at your eldest brother Hyong-chol\'s house. You decide to make flyers and hand them out where Mother was last seen. Hyong-chol designates you to write up the flyer, since you write for a living. You blush, as if you were caught doing something you shouldn\'t.
Name: Park So-nyo
Date of birth: 24 July 1938 (69 years old)
Appearance: Short, salt-and-pepper permed hair, prominent cheekbones, last seen wearing a sky-blue shirt, a white jacket and a beige pleated skirt.
Last seen: Seoul Station subway.\'
Please Look After Mother tells the story of So-nyo, an elderly wife and mother, who goes missing on Seoul station. Only with her gone, do her children and her husband begin to appreciate not only all she has done for them, but who she really was. As first her daughter, then her son and then her husband search the streets for her, we learn, too, how much they have left unsaid.
A story in part about the cultural clash between the generation who inhabit modern, urban Seoul and their parents steeped in the rural traditions of Korea, Please Look After Mother is also a universal and humbling reminder of how easy it is to take the people we love for granted.

Winter in the Air and Other Stories by Sylvia Townsend Warner read by Susannah Harker here
Tue to Thu 15:30 (Afternoon Reading)
The stories in Winter in the Air were written between 1938 and 1950. They capture the mood and atmosphere of the times, and the lot of women in mid twentieth century England. Sylvia Townsend Warner is less well known today, but in her time was a prolific writer of novels, short stories and poetry. She also wrote a biography of T.H. White. These stories remind us that she was a sharp, insightful, and vivid storyteller.

David Attenborough\'s Life Stories series 2 read by Attenborough Here
Episode 16/20 - Chameleon
Fri 20:50 and Sun 08:50
Many of the world\'s chameleons live on the huge continental island of Madagascar off the Eastern coast of Africa. Some are tiny, as small as a finger nail - others in comparison are giants. Sir David Attenborough gives us a personal insight into the natural history of chameleons through one very special individual - a chameleon he had as a pet, called Rommel. In this life story you will feel as if you\'ve met Rommel personally and with the delightful embrace with which Sir David writes, you smile all the way through.

The Fantastic Book of Everybody\'s Secrets by Sophie Hannah Read by Helen Bradbury. Here
Episode 1/3 Sun 00:30 - The Octopus Nest
Claire and Timothy have no idea why there\'s a strange woman appearing in so many of their family photographs. As Claire stumbles across the answer, she is more frightened than ever.

Tales From The Low Countries Here
Episode 1/3 Sun 19:45
My Father\'s Photo Album by Abdelkader Benali read by Khalid Abdalla
When the Dutch-Moroccan character at the centre of Abdelkader Benali\'s short story learns that his mother is ill, he\'s compelled to make a long-overdue visit to his parents\' house in Rotterdam. The visit proves to be the start of a journey through his childhood, family history and sense of himself.

Radio 4 extra

Elizabeth Buchan - Archaeology read by Janet Maw Here
Mon 02:00, Tue 10:15 and Wed 03:15
An archaeologist is amazed by her nurse\'s likeness to an Egyptian painting discovered in a tomb.

Evelyn Waugh Short Stories read by Crawford Logan Here
Mon 02:45 and Wed 14:15
A showcase of the author\'s wit and irony - two tales of an unwanted guest and an outspoken hitch-hiker.

The Wartime Stories of Mollie Panter-Downes read by Sylvestra Le Touzel Here
Poignant Second World War experiences of women in Britain.
4 - It\'s the Reaction
Mon 14:15
A spinster\'s life resumes in peacetime.

Ian Kelly - Casanova read by Benedict Cumberbatch Here
Mon to Fri 14:30
Born to a family of actors in Venice, sickly Giacomo is expected to die.

The House of Special Purpose by John Boyne read by David Warner Here
Episodes 6 to 10 of 10
Mon to Fri at 14:45
John Boyne\'s haunting novel travels to the heart of the Russian empire where young imperial family bodyguard Georgy Jachmenev is privy to the secrets of Tsar Nicholas and his wife Alexandra.

Will in the World - Stephen Greenblatt read by Toby Stephens Here
Mon to Fri 15:45
Reconstructing the life, work and era of William Shakespeare.

Evelyn Waugh Short Stories - Cruise read by Abigail Docherty Here
Fri 14:45, Sun 05:15 & Sun 13:15 and Mon 6th 14:15
Sailing round the Mediterranean, a young lady writes about the upper-class antics on board ship.

The Euphio Question - Kurt Vonnegut read by Stuart Milligan Here
Sun 18:30 and Mon 6th 00:30
Stumbling on a way to manufacture happiness presents a group of scientists with some intriguing moral and ethical dilemmas.

Craig Russell - Lennox read by Grant O\'Rourke Here
Episode 3 of 5 Sat 23:00
Shady private investigator Lennox is a hard man in a hard city at a hard time: Glasgow, 1953, where the war may be over but the battle for the streets is just beginning. It\'s a place where only the toughest and most ruthless survive. The McGahern twins were on the way up until Tam, the brains of the outfit, opened his door to find two hitmen pointing shotguns at him. The Three Kings, the crime lords who run Glasgow\'s underworld, all deny ordering the hit, so Tam\'s brother Frankie turns to Lennox to find out who killed his twin. Lennox refuses. Later that night, Frankie\'s body is discovered on the road, his head mashed to pulp, and Lennox finds himself in the frame for murder. The only way of proving his innocence is to solve the crime - but he\'ll have to dodge men more deadly than Glasgow\'s crime bosses Elizabeth Kaybefore he gets any answers. Craig Russell combines atmosphere, action and a pitch-black sense of humour with an intelligent and complex character who is a product of the recent war he lived through.

read by Michael Maloney Here

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Re: A selection of readings from 30th May 2011 to 5th June 2011
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The Fantastic Book of Everybody\'s Secrets by Sophie Hannah Read by Helen Bradbury. Here
Episode 1/3 Sun 00:30 - The Octopus Nest

 Claire and Timothy have no idea why there\'s a strange woman appearing in so many of their family photographs. As Claire stumbles across the answer, she is more frightened than ever.

This one looks particularly good. And, Becki, don\'t ever apologize for being late with the postings. We\'re just gratefully you\'re doing them at all. :)-D
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