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Welcome - Please read this first!
« on: December 29, 2008, 02:20:18 PM »
Where on earth am I? You\'re in the Bulletin Board for the Beebotron and Beebotron Lite websites, both of which help you Listen Again to BBC radio programmes.
If you haven\'t used these before, then try clicking HERE for more information on the Beebotron.

The rules here are quite simple

Keep it clean \'n\' legal (unless you\'re Janaru ;) )

If you\'d be happy for your kids to read your post then it\'s ok with me

Have fun, Kronalias

PS: If you\'re new here then you\'ll see the site in its default settings. I\'d recommend that you register - even if you\'re not intending to post (although it would be nice if you did!) - because then you can access your own Control Centre. This lets you tweak settings to your own preferences - go ahead and try it; you won\'t break anything!