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Please read this!
« on: February 01, 2009, 01:23:30 PM »
What\'s this?

It\'s a calendar of radio programmes that people have recommended. Anybody can read the calendar, but you can only add your recommendations if you\'re registered.

You can see the calendar in the Index page and, if you\'re registered, in your Control Centre.

There\'s a line on these pages \"Calendar Events for the Next Seven Days\".

To the left of the line is a calendar icon - this toggles the next line, which shows the next seven days\' worth of recommendations (if there\'s nothing to be seen there then there aren\'t any recommendations yet).

To the right of the line is a \"View Full Calendar\" link. Click this and you\'ll see the calendar with options to display by week, month etc.

If you click any of the events then another box pops up, and in it there\'s a View Topic link - click it, and you\'ll get to the post originally made about that programme.

How do you enter something in the calendar?

Firstly, you can only do this from the Radio Dates phorum.

When you create a new topic and you\'re editing the message there\'s a check box at the bottom of the screen that says \'Create a calendar event for this topic\'. As soon as you click in this box some more calendary stuff pops up - it\'s easier for you to try it than me to explain it!

NOTE 1: It\'s only the first message in a topic that can be made into a calendar event.
  • [/color] See below[/b]

    NOTE 2: You can edit it.

    NOTE 3: Anyone who\'s registered can create a calendar event.

    NOTE 4: Don\'t put an ampersand ( & ) in the Subject line - for some reason Google Calendar won\'t accept this character, although it\'s ok in the message itself.

    NOTE 5: Unsurprisingly, you cannot create an event for a past date.

    How do you delete something from calendar?

    The easiest way is to edit your original post in the Topic. While you\'re editing the message there\'s a check box at the bottom of the screen that says \'Create a calendar event for this topic\'. Untick this box and save your message.

    • [/color][/b] Further experience has shown that the only way to delete from the calendar is to delete the first message. For this reason, it is better to to untick \'Replies are allowed\' in the first message and start any discussions under a separate entry in BBC7 Matters or Radio Matters.

      Only enter the date and time of a programme transmission. As most entries are placed in advance, they are intended as an advice of upcoming programmes. People who use the facility have computers and the intellect to realise that the programme is available in iPlayer, or any other Listen Again programme, for the next 7 days.

      Why does the Calendar disappear sometimes?

      Errm, I haven\'t got a good answer to that - the best I can do is to say that posts to the Calendar Events sometimes crash the Calendar part, and take out this Phorum. I keep an eye on things, and when this happens I turn the Calendar off - which means that you can get back in and read things.

      Have fun!