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Beautiful Dreamers
« on: October 20, 2010, 07:18:19 AM »
Beautiful Dreamers
Episode 1 of 6

Next Tuesday, 23:00 on BBC Radio 4

In this series documentary maker Nat Segnit investigates the untold stories of visionary mavericks. This week Nat explores the life and work of Artur Mistek, founder of Musica Zoologika. With contributions from Charlie Higson, Toby Jones, Eleanor Bron, Peter Marinker and Zeb Soanes.

Writers ..... James Lever and Nat Segnit
Music Consultant ..... David Pickvance
Producers ..... Steven Canny and Sasha Yevtushenko

One of the pleasures of watching a documentary like Man on Wire, about Philippe Petit\'s 1974 tightrope-walk between the towers of the World Trade Center, is the sense of scandalised credulity - could this possible be true? Why hadn\'t I heard about it before? Beautiful Dreamers takes this pleasure to its logical extreme by recounting six gloriously improbable events.

Our visionaries include: the creator of the first animal orchestra; a billionaire planning to freefall from space; an ex-con New York junkie bridge jumper; the first swimmer of the River Europe; the \'Jonahs\' who offer themselves to be swallowed by whales; a Uruguayan footballer who makes an ingenious attempt to stamp out corruption in the game.

Nat Segnit\'s short stories and journalism have appeared in The Times and The Independent on Sunday. For Radio 4 he has written Dolphin Therapy and Strangers on Trains. His novel, Pub Walks in Underhill Country will be published by Penguin in 2011.

James Lever is author of the best-selling Me Cheeta, which Lynne Truss loved so much she said, \"It will subtly change forever the way we think not only about Hollywood but also about our own species\" (The Sunday Times).

30 minutes
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