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Number 10
« on: October 20, 2010, 07:12:04 AM »
Afternoon Play - Number 10

Episode 1 of 5

Next Monday, 14:15 on BBC Radio 4

Jonathan Myerson\'s political drama set at the heart of Downing Street.

Simon Laity- the new Tory PM - is trying to enforce across-the-board spending cuts but his ministers have all gone native. Then it\'s leaked that he has commissioned a report which calculates the gain to be made by slashing the armed services budget in half. The Chief of General Staff goes ape.

Meanwhile they are interviewing companies to run the Number 10 coffee bar, and Amjad from Crown Appointments wants Simon to choose a new bishop for Yeovil.

And then there\'s a British woman now married to a suspected senior Al-Qaeda terrorist who has just entered the country. She turns out to be here for an NHS kidney transplant. The hospital goes on strike.

Simon Laity ..... Damian Lewis
Connie ..... Haydn Gwynne
Nathan ..... Mike Sengelow
Hugo ..... Julian Glover
Amjad ..... Arsher Ali

Lord Copple ..... Ruper Vansittart
Coffee Exec ..... Grant Gillespie
Staff Nurse Melford ..... Rebecca Saire
Zamyad ...... Ayman Hamdouchi

Producer/Director: Clive Brill
A Pacificus Production for BBC Radio 4.

45 minutes
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