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Knock, Knock..... (Replacing the String ;) )

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The other thread was becoming unwieldy, so off we go into another. Go forth and post!

Thanks Darls, but I think there\'s a recent msg of yours I don\'t seem to be able to read (all scrunched up RHS of screen)
so wondered if ya\'d be a poppet and repost it here?

Also wonder how to get flat display for future reference, I believe from previous posts you use flat display. Does that mean you don\'t have to worry about messages getting scrunched up to right of the screen?

Sorry for the bother.

Dunno if it would make the unwieldly thread easier to read if part of it was evacuated over here? If so I will attempt the feat! :D

Ciao honey.

As that well-known Scottish Jewish teacher, Rabbi Burns, put it, \"The best laid schemes o\' Mice an\' Men,
Gang aft agley\".

I started the \'string\' as somewhere to record jokes, but some people - is that 2 who have already posted on this thread? - just ramble on and on. Perhaps that should be 3 who have already posted on this thread. ;)

Rambling rooooooooooooooooooooooose!

Yup. I do use the flat setting, Tru. Go to the Forum Settings and put the Message List/Reading displays on Default and that should fix it.

Was it this one...

--- Quote from: \"It\'s expensive, no doubt, but Sonoma does sound much more your style, Tru-vey      Beeeeautiful! Great wine (some rival French varieties), fantastic food, and politically, much more pleasing to your particular palate, I should think. I would only be concerned about the damp, it\'s more coastal and it\'s pretty misty and foggy up there, which is great for the grapes but can be tough on the bones. All in all, though, I think you would grow well there too      Arizona has a particular beauty of it\'s own, a thriving Native American culture, and many fantastic art communities. There are also some great folks there, but the political climate (especially at the moment regarding the immigration issue) doesn\'t strike me as your style at all. Since, theoretically, you would be coming for the betterment of your health, I think body and soul would more likely thrive in Sonoma, or perhaps, Napa.     As a famous motel ad says here....\\\"We\'ll keep the light on for ya\'!\\\"\" ---

--- End quote ---

And I only have four-thousand or so posts, Ive, how can that possibly be construed as rambling? ;)


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