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Knowing there are more adventures, I only hope they will be aired shortly. Drip by drip feeds are simply frustrating.
The one that I remember (now that Ivor has mentioned his name) was Michael Goodliffe
You've whetted my appetite Ive! 8)
The TV Pilot (1967) was A Magnum for Schneider also known as A Red File for Callan.

Hunter was played by  Ronald Radd. In later programs and series, the role was played by Radd, Michael Goodliffe, Derek Bond and William Squire.
Tru - cant help you with the date of the original as the file on my EHD is that of the date I copied it!

But one thing I do remember - the only TV prog that my houseshare mate and I would rush home to see was "Callan" with Edward Woodward in the title role, Russell Hunter (?) as Lonely and Anthony Valentine as Toby Mears - can't recall the name of the actor who played Hunter but his face is clear in my mind! Loved the fact that it was so unpredictable. Even remember the opening sequence with the swinging light bulb being shot through with a bullet.
I couldn't find the date of the original broadcast.
Really enjoyable. Shame it's just 4 eps long.
Thanks for posting that Tru - I already have this serial recorded but have yet to listen to it. Reminded me that its still on my EHD
James Mitchell - Red File For Callan
22 days to listen

Hunter has given Schneider a red file and Callan is all too aware of the significance of this. Cheerful, friendly, affluent Schneider with his innocent passion for model soldiers must die. Once again Callan's means to an end is petty criminal Lonely, the most frightened little man in the underworld. It is Lonely who gets him the gun, a Noguchi Magnum 38 calibre. A magnum for Schneider.
The operation is fraught with complications, but Callan's own inhibitions are the most dangerous.
Abridged by Adrian Bean
Producer: Joanna Green
Made for BBC Radio 4 Extra by Pier Productions
Radio Matters / Potential
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Came across this :
and at the site selected took this first bite at the apple:

The play was listenable but "the greatest was behind" ... the show to follow was a "live" quiz dating back from the forties or fifties sponsored by Heinz featuring Boris Karloff, Jan Struther (Mrs. Miniver) and a.n. other. The moderator was tip top, the atmosphere was laid back, the badinage witty. The whole seemed quite modern as compared to the BBC stuffiness at the same period.

I'd  be interested to hear feedback.

The Radio 4 Extra listing for the seven days beginning 20/05/17 has been posted at the following permanent link:

This contains the online listing and the pdf: hover the mouse over the 'pdf' button and right-click and 'save as' to download, or left-click to display and then possibly print through the pdf viewer.

The rtf version is no longer produced, but there is a printer-friendly html version under the 'print-frendly' button; download and viewing is as per the procedure above for the pdf.

An archive is being built up - see the 'archive' button. Archive versions are also available under the 'print-friendly' button.

Note that the online version now lands on the current programme; to read next week's list early, use the 'Archive' drop-down list.
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