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Radio Programmes - Info \'n\' Reviews / Genome Project
« Last Post by Tolkny on February 17, 2018, 11:05:14 PM »
Thanks for that, even more informtion thn the SuttonElms Website,

The particular voice I was trying to identify was Jack May, late of Nelson Archer fame, which I had muddled with Ian Richardson's and his Fraaancis Urquart characterisation in "House of Cards" on TV
Radio Programmes - Info \'n\' Reviews / Re: I am back with an apology
« Last Post by Forget_It on February 17, 2018, 08:09:23 PM »
The BBC Genome project shows some names:

 Dick Francis 's racing thriller in a five-part dramatisation starring Eric Allan , Sian Phillips and Elizabeth MacGovern.
1: Threats and Menaces. Kit Fielding, champion jockey, is engaged to Danielle de Brescou , the niece of his employer Princess Casilia. The princess recruits Kit to fend off Henri de Brescou , a dangerous cousin.
Dramatised by John Ashe
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Unknown: Dick Francis
Unknown: Eric Allan
Unknown: Sian Phillips
Unknown: Elizabeth MacGovern.
Unknown: Danielle De Brescou
Unknown: Henri de Brescou
Dramatised By: John Ashe
Director: Shaun MacLoughlin
Kit Fielding: Eric Allan
Princess Casilia: Sian Phillips
Danielle: Elizabeth MacGovern
Henri: John Bull
Greening: Jack May
Dusty: Christian Rodska
Thomas: Steve Hodson
Allardeck: Bill Wallis
Roland: Simon Carter
I   answered my first question and share my discovery.

I searched just the names of those announced at the beginning of the programme and found (scroll down to the end) this
Radio Programmes - Info \'n\' Reviews / I am back with an apology
« Last Post by Tolkny on February 17, 2018, 11:37:41 AM »
I do not know how long ago - I first used the Beebotron, but it was long ago and helped me find radio programmes.

So thanks for still being here and sorry not to have been providing attention and support.

Now I mostly I find what I need via BBC websites and general internet searches.

I am still not very technically competent and get overwhelmed with search results and not sure from where to seek reliable information of all sorts.

Right now I am curious about the cast of Radio Four Extra's Dick Francis - Dramatised novel in 5 half hour series.

In my search a link to The Beebotron came up and I signed in easily.

So two questions - where can I get a complete cast list for that programme - preferably not lace with clickbait advertising?

AND secondly how is it all going for the Beebotron service - might I get better use from it - is it financially viable - if I donate a little how will it be used, where amongst all the posts can I read a summary of how things are NOW?

Geek Speak / Re: Download TV or Radio using only the 8-digit PID
« Last Post by Ed on February 05, 2018, 08:36:06 AM »
@TallForADuck -

Here is a method for quickly editing an audio file, using a .bat file (batch file).

This is fast and lossless, because it uses a special form of the ffmpeg command, one that does NOT involve re-encoding the input file. This is an ffmpeg "stream copy" operation, that copies the selected section of audio without re-encoding it. A raw copy of this sort will take less than ten seconds (with a 30 minute radio show).

Requires ffmpeg.exe from:

Code: [Select]
::  *** Extract PART of M4A (AAC) File ***

::  **  INPUT File (WITHOUT .m4a Extension) **
    SET file=The Daughter of Time - Episode 1

::  ** Specify STARTING POINT in seconds **
    SET start=1.0

::  ** Specify NUMBER of frames to extract (46.875 frames per second) **
    SET duration=79176

::  ==================================================================  **

::  Location of FFMPEG
    SET ffmpeg="C:\Program Files\FFmpeg\ffmpeg.exe" -hide_banner

::  Safety Check
    ATTRIB -R -A -S -H  "%file%.m4a"

::  Extract PART of .M4A (AAC) File
    SET extract=-ss %start% -aframes %duration%
    SET options=-map_metadata 0  -flags:a global_header  -movflags faststart
    "%file%.m4a"  -vn  -acodec copy  %extract%  %options%  "%file%[%duration%].m4a"

    :: Command will fail unless -flags options are the final options in the chain,
    :: i.e. final options before the output file.

To convert the file from its normal .m4a iTunes format to mp3, simply change the final line so that the output file has the mp3 extension instead (and if it is desired to convert the entire file to mp3, rather than extracting just a part of it, simply omit the option %extract% from this final line) -

Code: [Select]
    "%file%.m4a"  -vn  -acodec copy  %extract%  %options%  "%file%[%duration%].mp3"

If you don't like using command programs, then for editing an mp3 file I recommend mp3DirectCut (which cuts instantly, as it doesn't have to re-encode). But I would point out that it - like all mp3 editors - can only edit an mp3 or an mp2 file. It can't edit, for example, an m4a iTunes format file (the iPlayer type): you must convert that to mp3 before you can use an mp3 editor on it.

Get mp3DirectCut here:


Geek Speak / Re: Download TV or Radio using only the 8-digit PID
« Last Post by Ed on February 05, 2018, 07:47:01 AM »
Okay, in response to the latest changes on iPlayer I have written a batch script for downloading a radio show from the 'listen again' pages, that needs only the URL address of the page. And all you need is the last 8 digits from that URL, the 'PID' (Programme ID), which you type into the .bat file.

If you are running Windows this script will work for you, because the script uses some built-in functions of Windows. Including some functions of Internet Explorer. (The script accesses these things for itself, you don't need to do anything.)

I have bundled with it the only program you will need, which is the YouTube-dl.exe program.

The beauty of this script is that it runs without you being signed-in on the BBC website.

Also, I have designed the script to use the https secure stream, which gives a much better result: a fast download, without the stream continually pausing, and without the frequent failures that the other streams suffer from. The https stream is far more reliable, and far faster, taking only 60 seconds to download a 30 minute radio show.

1. Get the script here, in a .zip file:

2. Open the .zip file, and take the .bat file from the directory named 'iPlayer - Download Automatically'. Also take out the YouTube-dl.exe program, which put in the folder/directory C:\Program Files\YouTube-dl

3. Open the .bat file with any text editor, type in the 8 digits from the URL address of the iplayer page (where it says "SET PID=" in the .bat file, you'll be changing that to something like: SET PID=12345678). Then double-click the .bat file to run it.

Optionally, I have included at the top of the .bat file a space for you to include a file name if you want to. If you leave it blank, some details from the iplayer page will be used instead, i.e. as the file name of the downloaded radio programme.

Remember that you can still listen to any radio show without signing in, simply by opening the iplayer page in Internet Explorer 8.

For anyone keen to record at 128 kbps, use your text editor to search the .bat file, and replace each instance of the value 320 with the value 128 instead. In fact, in this version of the .bat file there is only one command that specifies that value (plus it's mentioned in a couple of places in the notes/hints/annotations, but those places don't control the script).

What\'s That Music? / Re: BBC Radio 4 - The Pale Horse theme
« Last Post by Ironeyes on February 03, 2018, 12:01:30 PM »
The most logical way of finding out the title (and composer) of incidental music used in BBC (or any broadcaster's) productions SHOULD be to contact them and ask the question. However, from experience, I know that route can be totally unproductive. It is interesting that there is no credit for the music used in this programme, as is the case for many others, and it makes me wonder if, in the case of original music, the composer is offered a fee, or accreditation, but not both.

Having said the above, contacting the BBC is likely to be the best bet, and as a second line of attack, I would also drop a line to the director, Mary Peake, who has a twitter account.   
What\'s That Music? / Re: BBC Radio 4 - The Pale Horse theme
« Last Post by Janaru on February 03, 2018, 12:50:33 AM »
I don't recognize it, SK. If you DO find out will you let us know? I"d be interested. :)
What\'s That Music? / BBC Radio 4 - The Pale Horse theme
« Last Post by Special-K on January 31, 2018, 12:39:09 PM »
Does anyone know the music from the recent BBC Radio 4 series "The Pale Horse"

Music starts a the beginning of this episode
R4 Extra (The Station Formerly Known As R7) Matter / Re: Stoned!
« Last Post by Janaru on January 26, 2018, 12:56:00 AM »
I like it all right. Not beating down the door to get to it, though. I think I'd have to agree it took a long time to tell a story that could have easily been done it two or three episodes. :/
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