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Janaru Wrote:
> I\'m looking forward to listening to these even
> more now. Thanks!

Watch out then Jan, tho each play can \"stand alone\" they are part of a whole and I fear you may have missed LA for the first two already. Pity I didn\'t record or we might have been able to work summat out ... but then again, you\'ve probably still got catch up since the wedding, so perhaps it can just wait till the next time it comes round.

Oooops just listening to part4 - not by, Sebastian Baczkiewicz author of the first 3. Quality not the same

R4 Extra (The Station Formerly Known As R7) Matter / Atmospheric Kings
« on: January 20, 2009, 01:12:04 AM »
Didn\'t expect to like this biblically inspired series of plays but I stuck a toe in the water on the off-chance while sifting around for a good riveting listen (Rogue male\'s being on its 3rd or 4th time round, I had decided to give it a rest for a while, spine-chilling though it undoubtedly is) ...

Despite reading rather unfair criticism from the Guardian\'s Harold Jackson about the work to me it turns out to be an absorbing and atmospheric listen. Jackson however claims to have been: \"so confused by the BBC radio drama department\'s five-part Biblical history of the first kingdom of Israel\" that he resorted \"to the chapters on which they are allegedly based.\" Then, \"having ploughed through Samuel and Kings in two versions,\" he claims he came out even more confused, concluding dismissively \"It\'s probably best to treat Sebastian Baczkiewicz\'s scripts for Kings like a granddaughter\'s paintings\" and quips \"you get the idea?\"

If it is safe to suggest the writer took liberties with the sacred texts, reducing the work to childlike doodling seems inappropriate. Imaginative the six dramas certainly are, and full of suspense too. They may also push the audience to want to know more about the history.  It seems this is the first airing on 7... judging from RadioListings

Agree about the detective duo and bouncing of denouement between \'em ... but also felt that in M in M the production was somehow hammier. The adaptation left summat to be desired perhaps ...


[where could me edit options \'ave got to?] ....

 makes a mental picture of emoticon stroking chin (sorry mates best I can do in the circs ... refer to Ive and Kron for background or resolution of these two distinct issues...


The Mod here is a

Hattie and Le Mesurier, I don\'t believe you! (she says afore checkin up on \'t web) The guy was said to be as q as a c (praps even the abbreviation is beyond the pale nowadays, Tru! prepare to be axed!). Saw him once while shopping at John Lewis... he was in extreme camp mode clad in the tightest of tight black leather, and, together with friend in tow, behaving rather extravagantly, still to me (and doubtless thousands of others) he looked UTTERLY GORGEOUS... !!! So no surprise after all if Hattie made a bee line for the man.

Note for the Original Dummies and Cat Lady alias Mod: Ever listened to Dad\'s Army on 7 yet my dear? If  you get the chance I\'d love to hear your feed back on it, even though the series is/was very Blighty centred, it is so effin funny that probably its fairly universal in its appeal all the same. It\'s about the Home Guard during the WWII. In it Le Mesurier is at his best, parodying the archetype of aritocratic, public school, privileged ruling class of yester-year.

I guess Hogan\'s Heroes might be comparable. The focus (and source of hilarity) of both series is EXTREME bungling.

conion Wrote:

> she did manage a toy-boy!
Wot Hattie did? In real life or HH? I always luuuuuuuuuuved that personality and voice Con.  It wouldn\'t have surprised me to learn that she\'d had loads of gentleman admirers.

Does anyone remember watching a triffic tv prog eons ago in which she starred: Our House? Can\'t seem to find many web references to it tho but remember always really looking forward to it. Cud ave been on at the w/e. Eric Sykes, Hattie Jacques, and a score of other greats.

Thanks to this post Ivor, I listened. Did I detect the hand of Marty Feldman behind the scenes or was it before his time as a HH scriptwriter?

Arise Sir Wisecracker!

Overdose .... overdose ....
of super-concentrate of sentimentality .............   deeeeeeeelicious.

... and you might also mention the brilliant art critic, the original, the raconteur. His resonant mellow voice articulate to the Nth degree.

We were treated to a jar in his company in an atmospheric smoke filled speak-easy (Chez Pol in the rue de Stassart Brussels) after an unforgettable performance from him and his band ... 35 years ago.

Last one in 5 mins boooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Help / Re: Trouble loading site?
« on: January 16, 2009, 02:38:24 AM »
Kronalias Wrote:
> It\'s no use moaning at me because you\'ve got PMT
> or you\'re having a hot sweaty one!

Groan, caught emulating Ivor eh Kron!



Couldn\'t for the life of me say how I found it. It was the first link that appeared in my browser as I typed in RadioListings !!!!(:D

I used the search tool at the site the first reference to show and Bingo! The actors names told me it was the right version (there  have, understandably, been undreds of em)

PS: gratified to note you can tell a lady!

Help / Re: Trouble loading site?
« on: January 15, 2009, 06:34:46 PM »
Oooooooooops water, bridges coupled with various senior mo\'s and I\'ve forgotten. Think it was Auntie\'s or it cud ave bin both... yup that\'s it it was both.

My provider sank me from 10 something or others (super super speed connection) down to 258kbps or something, so much so that I was driven to make contact with coditel/numericable big cheeses on high and prepare to thump my fist on the table, but today, sweet as you please we\'re back up to 10 what\'s its (think its called Ts or summat).

Sorry to be less than precise or scientific in my response!

PS: I too trawled for some time to no avail ... then good old PAUL WELLS cracked it at RADIO LISTINGS, that site\'s a perfect boon.
Thanks Paul if yer readin this.

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