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R4 Extra (The Station Formerly Known As R7) Matter / Stoned!
« on: January 23, 2018, 12:04:38 AM »
I've said it once and I'll say it again, the series is one long drawn out scratch of nails down a blackboard (not that many people know what those are these days!)
Erm, how should we describe that ?
Sub-standard, whine, drawn out, trashy, cheap, grinding

"oh well we're lucky to have anything worth listening to" I hear you say!

The writer had a budget for 10 eps and very few ideas, so guess what, he pads it out like a MacDonalds, and draaaaags it out to get paid for 10 episodes for the value of 4! A cunning wheeze that!

Say I'm not barking for liking the 1st ep of this series. Markedly "Silly" with a capital S, series!
Good fun, made me smile!
L.A. for 29 days

The Man Who Wasn't Dead
Angstrom, Series 1 Episode 1 of 4

Matthew Holness stars as Knut Ångström, a brooding, alcoholic, maverick Swedish detective from the tough streets of Oslo, in a Scandinavian detective yarn adapted from the bestselling Ångström trilogy by Martin English (writing as Bjorgen Swedenssonsson).

Following the death of his wife, Ångström is posted to the Njalsland peninsula where he becomes embroiled in a labyrinthine murder (or possibly not-murder) case which bears an eerie similarity to the Askeladden killings - a case from his distant past.

In episode 1, a body goes missing from a crime scene. But was it ever even there in the first place?

A new comedy series by writers of the Ladybird Books for Grown Ups, Charlie Brooker's ...Wipe, That Mitchell and Webb Look and A Touch of Cloth.

Written by Joel Morris and Jason Hazeley
Cast: Matthew Holness, Nadia Kamil, Simon Kane, Morgana Robinson, David Reed, Freya Parker.
Production Co-ordinator: Tamara Shilham
Produced by Lyndsay Fenner

A BBC Studios production.

Episode 1
Colin Thubron - In Siberia Episode 1 of 10

4 Extra Debut. The soul of Siberia described through its buildings, people and amazing quirks of nature. Read by John Rowe. From January 2000.

Been searching for this for years, since first airing. Quite wonderful. Beautifully written, adapted and read. Don't miss it. Nice and seasonal too as we enter the toughest season of the year. First broadcast as a book at bedtime. Wonderful to catch by a fireside, sipping a bedtime drink wrapped in warm dressing-gown by the fire.

Over on R4 Book Club Colin Thubron is the guest discussing this remarkable work. Astonishingly, aged 78 the man is off to chart the Amur river separating Russia from China. "It is the 9th longest and nobody’s ever heard of it. It arises in Mongolia and flows east toward the Pacific; it’s the long border between Siberia in the north and China, Manchuria, in the south, and it’s a very important border because it’s where China and Russia meet over many hundreds of miles."

Radio Matters / SAM COOKE
« on: January 06, 2018, 03:24:57 PM »
Radio 4 Extra
A Change Is Gonna Come, by Sam Cooke
Soul Music, Series 23
28 days to listen.

Soul Music explores a song that has become synonymous with the American Civil Rights Movement, Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come released in December 1964 two weeks after he was shot dead in Los Angeles. Contributors include Sam Cooke's brother LC, singer Bettye Lavette who sang it for Barack Obama at his inaugural ceremony and civil rights activists from the Freedom Summer of 64, Jennifer Lawson and Mary King.

Producer: Maggie Ayre.

This is a MUST LISTEN!
Memory had somehow erased the tragic circumstances of Cooke's death.
The feature focuses on the song "Change is Gonna Come" and comments are made by various people involved in Cooke's life and or the civil rights movement.

OUTSTANDING Radio THANKS BBC, that's the standard we would like to see more often.

Radio Matters / Four Seasons - Read by Anton Lesser
« on: December 22, 2017, 02:19:13 AM »
Don't blink or you'll miss it!

Four Seasons

Out of Danger by James Fenton
Four Seasons

Celebrating the winter solstice with mid-winter poems for the year's turning point, Anton Lesser reads Out of Danger by James Fenton.

Producer: Sarah Addezio.

And Lesser   R - E - A - D - S   so very well.

Can anyone help with Listen Again for Eddie Mair's PM of 27/7/17.
An "unavailable to listen in your area" window pops up. Nothing doing at all after many attempts.

Thank you very much.

Radio 4
Will insects inherit the earth?
The Infinite Monkey Cage, Series 16 Episode 4 of 6
Available to listen for 29 days

Will Insects Inherit the Earth?

Brian Cox and Robin Ince are joined on stage by comedian Dave Gorman, zoologist Tim Cockerill and forensic entomologist Amoret Whitaker. They'll be discovering the joy of creepy crawlies, why the flea is the ultimate master of Darwinian evolution, and whether those pesky cockroaches will really have the last laugh if we are unlucky enough to be wiped out by a nuclear explosion. They'll be discovering how and why insects have been by far the most successful group of organisms during the history of life on planet earth, and why we simply couldn't do without them.

Tom Stoppard
Albert's Bridge
29 days to listen

Tom Stoppard's award-winning play about a philosophy graduate named Albert, employed to help paint the cantilevered railway bridge spanning Clufton Bay.

Starring John Hurt as Albert, Haydn Jones as Fraser, Barbara Mitchell as Kate, Victor Lucas as the Chairman, Ronald Herdman as Fitch, Betty Hardy as Mother, Alan Dudley as Father, Nigel Anthony as Bob, Alexander John as Charlie, Geoffrey Wincott as Dad, Anthony Jackson as George and Ian Thompson as Dave.

In 1968, 'Albert Bridge' won both the Prix Italia prize in Rome and the Czechoslovak International Radio Play Festival in Prague.

Producer: Charles Lefeaux
First broadcast on the BBC Third Programme in July 1967.


Assata Shakur The FBI's Most Wanted Woman - Omnibus
28 days to listen

4 Extra Debut. Political activist Assata Shakur's autobiography. Shakur is gravely wounded in a shoot-out. Starring Marianne Jean-Baptiste.

Radio Programmes - Info \'n\' Reviews / OFF AIR ???
« on: July 21, 2017, 02:49:53 AM »
July 28 from 09.00 - 19.00
Radio 4
is announcing the BBC will be off air!
Declared there is no schedule!

Sunday July 30th has a similar announcement!

'pon my soul, what IS going on?

Or might it be that the schedule has not yet been posted on line?

Book at Bedtime, Summer Lies Episode 1 of 5

The Night in Baden-Baden,
Part 1
329 days to listen

Bill Nighy reads from the new collection of short fiction by the author of The Reader, Bernhard Schlink.

He begins with a three-part story called The Night in Baden-Baden. An author goes to the first night of his first play, which is being performed in Baden-Baden. To celebrate the occasion he invites Therese to go with him. But Therese is not his girlfriend.

Abridged and produced by Jane Marshall
A Jane Marshall production for BBC Radio 4.

The man reads WICKEDLY well does the NIGHY man!

A Supreme Work of Backstabbing ...

The Secret Life

About 27 days to Listen Again

Andrew O'Hagan recalls working with Julian Assange on a ghost-written memoir of the Wikileaks editor. Read by the author.

Read by the author!

Though there can be no doubt Julian Assange can be termed angelic, Ghost Writer's Andrew O'Hagen's radio play is a straightforward case of settling scores.
HOWEVER he does it in a masterly way. The production is well worth the listen ... even if it does toady to the requirements of the State, the BBC and the US Administration ... (NSA, CIA and other even more covert organisations).

Seems O'Hagan simply didn't understand the implications of the "covert sector" and its underbelly!

James Mitchell - Red File For Callan
22 days to listen

Hunter has given Schneider a red file and Callan is all too aware of the significance of this. Cheerful, friendly, affluent Schneider with his innocent passion for model soldiers must die. Once again Callan's means to an end is petty criminal Lonely, the most frightened little man in the underworld. It is Lonely who gets him the gun, a Noguchi Magnum 38 calibre. A magnum for Schneider.
The operation is fraught with complications, but Callan's own inhibitions are the most dangerous.
Abridged by Adrian Bean
Producer: Joanna Green
Made for BBC Radio 4 Extra by Pier Productions

Radio Matters / Potential
« on: May 20, 2017, 02:23:13 AM »
Came across this :
and at the site selected took this first bite at the apple:

The play was listenable but "the greatest was behind" ... the show to follow was a "live" quiz dating back from the forties or fifties sponsored by Heinz featuring Boris Karloff, Jan Struther (Mrs. Miniver) and a.n. other. The moderator was tip top, the atmosphere was laid back, the badinage witty. The whole seemed quite modern as compared to the BBC stuffiness at the same period.

I'd  be interested to hear feedback.

Had the dilettante who churned out the pap on license payers' money audible in the BBC link below bothered to surf YouTube he might have spared scarce resources, offered the listener a worthwhile production and found infinitely more valuable material from which to source his poorly presented slapdash effort!

The quality of broadcasting makes one weep!

Famously known as the City of Light, Paris is a diverse metropolis rich in architecture and steeped in history. But it has a dark alter ego that lies 30 metres under the ground, mirroring centuries of bloody wars, revolutions and riots on the surface. For Paris is porous - built on 177 miles of tunnels that were formed when limestone and gypsum were quarried to build the capital. Most people are only aware of just a tiny fraction of these tunnels - the world famous ossuary known as The Catacombs. The authorities have tried to keep a lid on the full extent of the labyrinthine remainder for hundreds of years. But there are little known entry points everywhere - in basements, in train stations, cellars and sewers. Throughout history, invaders have always found a way in, whether they were fighting Prussian soldiers, fleeing royalty of the French Revolution, the Nazis or The Resistance. Today they're home to the cataphiles - urban explorers who use the tunnels as an art space, a music venue or even a clandestine meeting point for secret societies.

The Guardian's architecture and design correspondent Jonathan Glancey investigates the underground maze of Paris, revealing a mysterious and intriguing history.

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