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Title: Rebus: Fleshmarket Close
Post by: Janaru on October 12, 2017, 06:25:07 PM
Rebus: Fleshmarket Close (

Episode 1 of 2

1 / 2. In Ian Rankin's crime thriller, the teenage sister of a rape victim goes missing, two skeletons are found in the cellar of a pub in Edinburgh's Old Town, and an illegal immigrant is murdered on a city housing estate. Rebus and Clarke investigate. Dramatised by Chris Dolan.

Other parts played by the cast
Producer/director: Bruce Young

BBC Scotland.

58 minutes
Title: Re: Rebus: Fleshmarket Close
Post by: Truthyness on October 21, 2017, 07:03:42 PM
Hail Kiddo!
Thanks for posting this I missed it!
Hope all as well as can be your side in the aftermath of those horrid fires.
Am on the scrounge ... having been dragged by the Grim Reaper kicking 'n screaming into the real world ... it's been tough and expected to get tougher!
Wondered if Follett's Vulcan thingy was worthwhile and if so, if anyone might oblige with the 1st ep which is no longer available on L.A.
Sorry to bother the Beebotron collective with this ...
In anticipated gratitude.
Title: Re: Rebus: Fleshmarket Close
Post by: Janaru on October 23, 2017, 02:23:53 AM
Yes. All is well, here. We had a little rain that helped clean the air a bit. Those poor folks are still discovering horrors in the aftermath. God be with them. :(

I do have the whole Vulcan Trilogy, except only a partial of episode four. I'll send episode one, forthwith.

I've been listening to Midnight Cab from CBC Mystery Project. I kinda like 'em. (

You also might try scrounging in here:

RTE (Haven't tried this one yet...let me know if you do).

LA Theater Works

Maybe you can find something in there. I feel ya', dahlin'. I was so excited when I saw the Rebus! I have that one, too. I'll send it as well.