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Title: Potential
Post by: Truthyness on May 20, 2017, 02:23:13 AM
Came across this : (
and at the site selected took this first bite at the apple: (

The play was listenable but "the greatest was behind" ... the show to follow was a "live" quiz dating back from the forties or fifties sponsored by Heinz featuring Boris Karloff, Jan Struther (Mrs. Miniver) and a.n. other. The moderator was tip top, the atmosphere was laid back, the badinage witty. The whole seemed quite modern as compared to the BBC stuffiness at the same period.

I'd  be interested to hear feedback.

Title: Re: Potential
Post by: Janaru on June 27, 2017, 09:13:23 AM
Which program did you listen to, Tru? The American programs are hit and miss, but the good ones are usually pretty good. You might enjoy some
South African OTR (Old Time Radio). I just found Playhouse 90 and they were pretty good. I also like Beyond Midnight from that part of the world.

The Aussies also have some pretty good ones, as well as our Canadian neighbors (Midnight Cab comes to mind).
Title: Re: Potential
Post by: Truthyness on July 01, 2017, 09:32:21 PM
Yes OTR is a biggie. I listen rarely and tend to feel somehow lost by the atmosphere and the ads.
Sorry for late reply, had medical issues to deal with.
Title: Re: Potential
Post by: Janaru on September 29, 2017, 07:43:28 PM
Yikes. Hope things are better, now. And sorry for MY late reason as good as yours, just goofy. :P 

I've been listening to The Mystery Project from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company). Found some pretty good ones, some so-so, some older BBC fare mixed in.
Title: Orson Welles presents 'The Jack Benny Show' !
Post by: Ed on October 07, 2017, 01:00:26 AM
Here's a show you all might enjoy: Jack Benny had a half hour radio comedy show on American commercial radio, a weekly show that ran more than twenty years, from 1938 until the early 1960s - the era known now as Old-time Radio. Thereafter, the show moved to television.

Jack Benny, Mary Livingston (Jack's wife), Phil Harris, Denis Day, and Rochester. Sponsored in 1943 by Grape Nut breakfast cereal.

When Jack - a versatile comedian - was taken ill (which didn't happen very often) sometimes Orson Welles would stand in for him. Mr Welles was not known for his ability as a stand up comedian, but he does a pretty good job in a show that was basically a half-hour comedy sketch, to the extent of even doing sight gags - on radio!

This one is from 1943, with Jack taking a week off due to illness, and Orson Welles pinch hitting for him (mostly on the receiving end, as the butt of all the rest of the cast's jokes) - (

More American old time radio here: (

Title: Re: Potential
Post by: Janaru on October 12, 2017, 06:18:56 PM
Thanks for this, Ed. I'll definitely check it out. :)